Back when we lived down in the Emerald Forest neighborhood we used to love to take our double secret back route to Artz Rib House through an obscure, heavily forested neighborhood that felt like Austin in the 1940s.

Back then we loved to roll in on Sunday afternoons when a band of ne’er-do-well looking cats would be sawing on some fiddles and playing it hot for a dining room filled with people eating country style ribs and periodically slipping out back to smoke weed and gossip about the Austin string band scene. It was a good time.

But we moved to east Austin and Artz Rib House kind of fell off our barbecue radar.

We’d make it down to South Austin once or twice a year to get a plate of Artz country style pork ribs or one of Austin’s best, under the radar bacon cheeseburgers but that was about it.

We sure as hell never planned on penning an obituary for the south Austin treasure.

With Artz demise we see a real opportunity for a new barbecue restaurateur to slide right into the old room, fire the pits back up and get the smoke rolling out over South Lamar Boulevard once again.

And we wish good luck to Art Blondin as local media have made mention that he very well may land on his feet and get a new operation up and running in the next few months.

Southern Foodways Alliance sits down with Art Blondin

recent review of Artz Rib House bbq from Mike Sutter

Art Blondin’s recipe for chipotle ketchup

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