Elusive. Expensive. Hard to find.

Huitlacoche, the formerly precious “corn smut” is now available in cans at Fiesta Mart on 38 1/2 st. in Austin, Texas.

I remember thinking how gross huitlacoche was when I was kid working on my parents farm in Kentucky. I’d be cleaning a mess of corn for supper and all of a sudden I’d encounter this weird, black and gray mass that had completely over run a formerly virginal ear of corn.

I had no idea this was edible, much less a delicacy so these ears got thrown as far away from the porch as possible. I doubt we would have even let the hogs eat an infected ear.

I’ve included a hot link to a site that discusses huitlacoche and offers some photos for folks that have never encountered it.

Not for the squeamish.


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