Our love of Black’s barbecue knows no bounds. Since way back in the 90s we’ve been leading our friends to this little barbecue house down in Lockhart, Texas and with good reason.

Yes, there are other joints that put out equal level meat but Black’s is the kingpin due to one very important feature. Their food tastes exactly the same every single time.

Consistency is the bane of any operation that depends on dozens of variables over the course of a work day, a near magical level of factors have to coalesce for your barbecue to remain at the highest level.

Black’s must have an alchemist on the team as we’ve never had a bad meal there. Is pit boss Kent Black a sorcerer?

Schreiner University’s Scene magazine interviewed Mr. Black recently and put him on the cover of the current issue. We read the article with great interest as we’ve been fascinated by his restaurant since 1991, the first time we ever sat down to a meal there.

We learned a great deal. Here are the highlights:

1] Kent Black has a law degree from South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas.

We wonder if he’s the only pit boss in the state who’s also a degreed attorney? Probably not and we’d love to hear from any other lawyers in Texas who’re manning the pit of a commercial barbecue restaurant on a daily basis.

2] In 1988 Black became a prosecutor for the Health and Human Services Department.

Who knew that the man putting out sublime brisket in Caldwell County used to ride herd on the bad guys in the great State?

3] Kent Black retired from the State in 2008, rolled up his sleeves and hit the pit room at his dad’s barbecue house.

Love the image of Black shrugging off a fancy suit for the last time, putting on some Wranglers and work boots and setting about the business of smoking beef with fire. What an image.

4] Black made it his mission to lead the family business into the digital age by tasking his son, Barrett Black with setting up a web presence. The barbecue exploded when they appeared on the QVC network selling a 1000 briskets in 8 minutes.

Wow! That must be one hell of a pit room down in Lockhart. I’d hate to show up for my shift and have the boss say “Go ahead and knock out an extra 1000 briskets today hoss, we’ve hit the big time.” I’d be dog cussing QVC over that turn of affairs.

5] “Black’s has plans to one day expand to other cities.”

We are praying they don’t go the Dickies Barbecue route with their lousy, gas powered cookers and commissary food. We’ll say a little prayer each night to make sure this doesn’t happen.

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