We’ve landed another writer for the scrumptious team: Jake, Travis, Chuck, Rhonda, RL and Shawn welcome Ron to www.scrumptiouschef.com

Ron’s an old school hound who was eating barbecue in Central Texas when briskets regularly sold for under a dollar a pound and Broken Spoke was a brand new bar in South Austin.

He was old school when they built the school.

RL Reeves Jr coaxed him into penning a review of a brand new smokehouse up in Pflugerville; Ana Janelle’s.

As names for barbecue joints go this one doesn’t exactly inspire confidence but we’ll let y’all read the review and decide for yourself.

Take it away Ron: ——————————————————————

In Pflugerville, we have a new barbecue restaurant called “Ana Janelle’s Smoke House.”

It’s a nice homey little place that occupies the space formerly leased by Nuernberg Brauhaus. The pitboss is the young owner, James L. Perry III, along with his father-in-law Alberto Vaz.

James Perry was born in Lousiana but grew up in Texas. He’s only 19 years old, but don’t be fooled by his youth. He is an ambitious young man inspired by his 6 month old daughter, you guessed it, Ana Janelle.

With the desire to put food on the table for his young family, he puts food on the table for us. James makes sure you’re well taken care of in his restaurant.

Service is fast and friendly.

We enter the restaurant and are greeted by a surreally enthusiastic staff. Seating is catch as catch can with waitresses instead of the typical Texas barbecue counter service.

The menu is classic bbq, simple and limited, just the way I like it. They serve the old standards; meats such as Elgin sausage, chicken, pork spare ribs and of course brisket.

The chicken is the star of the show, but all the meats are succulent, moist and most importantly fork tender.

James and Alberto use a 14 spice dry rub on his brisket, cooking it ten to twelve hours.

They offer 3 types of sauce, (original, sweet, and spicy) all of which are fine if you’re into that sort of thing.

While the cole slaw is good, the potato salad is the best I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant. I eat world class potato salad at my house courtesy of my German bride, so I know of what I speak.

The Louisiana part of James comes out in his pinto beans, they are perfectly seasoned with a nice New Orleans-style and spicy flavor.

Ana Janelle’s does not sell beer or liquor but James says it’s okay if you want to bring it in yourself, he just asks you to be discrete and respectful of others. In other words, don’t get hammered and take a swing at anybody and it’ll be ok to imbibe with your meat platter.

Overall the meat is very good if slightly under-seasoned. Technique is on point as far as tenderness goes though. Would I go back? Hell yeah.

Pricing is fair as portions are quite large. There’s value here at Ana Janelle’s Smokehouse. It will be interesting to see how this restaurant evolves over time.

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