Isn’t it nice to have Austin all to ourselves again? After a particularly brutal SXSW 2012 we spent the last week in heavy recovery mode. Too many consecutive nights in the bar room waiting for a can of Pearl behind a line filled with hair dressers from Baton Rouge can do that to a body. Without further ado; the hottest posts from the week, condensed into one easy list.

1] Yassine Enterprises has been all over the media these past few months. First they got slapped with a lawsuit by a bunch of bartenders who claimed they weren’t being paid the federally mandated $2.13 per hour and now the FBI has kicked in the door and slapped the cuffs on a bunch of the people who run the company. Unsurprising that this was the hottest story of the week

2] We bid a fond farewell to Austin’s SXSW 2012 endeavor with a photo

3] RL Reeves Jr misses the basset hound that reigned over Gourmand’s Neighborhood Pub during their renovation

4] While we have deep love for Texas barbecue sometimes we look to our Eastern neighbors for sustenance

5] Tuesday Morning is not just for little old ladies. It’s also a great place to score Le Creuset and other killer kitchen ware

Thanks for checking out the site y’all. Here’s last week’s top 5

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