The best store in Austin for pots, pans, skillets and general use kitchen ware. Over the years I’ve bought colanders, knives, sauce pans, rolling pins, cutting boards, spiders, giant ladles, electric thermometers, dish towels, measuring cups, an extremely nice mandolin, measuring spoons, goblets, flutes, nested bowls and cook books. That’s not all they have though. On a recent visit I scored a big mill packed with Himalayan sea salt, a jar of ground coriander from Pakistan, apricot marmalade from the UK and a nifty, tiny little tub of stone ground strong mustard from Germany.

Tuesday Mornings are scattered all over Austin but the one I always visit is on Burnet Road. It seems to be the one that offers the most diverse array of items for cooks. Cooking ephemera is just one section of this big shop but we’ll leave the dissertation on fine sheets and pillows to someone else.

We’re only here for the kitchen goods.

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