Yassine Enterprises has been in hot water for the past few months. Let’s get caught up. Here’s an article we wrote last fall about this controversial group:

Attorneys Dan Byrne and Kevin Brown have filed suit in federal court alleging local nightclub impresario outfit Yassine Enterprises failed to pay several of their workers the federally mandated $2.13 per hour wage. Yassine Enterprises owns multiple nightclubs, each one more nightmarish than the next. Any of these names ring a bell? Malaia, Fuel, Still, Qua, Treasure Island, and Pure. Nope, we didn’t think so.

Of course there was that one night years back that found us in Treasure Island knocking back flaming Dr Pepper shots but those memories are best left undisturbed.

We love that Byrne and Brown hired a p.i to go deep undercover to gather information on possible nefarious activity. We hope that the attorneys coaxed James Garner out of retirement for this role as we absolutely loved Rockford Files re-runs when we were kids.

On to Stack Burger: Tre Dotson of Maria, Maria the overpriced Mexican chain in the warehouse district is on board the burger project as is Octavio Benavides, an alum of the El Chile Group. Mike Yassine, of Yassine Enterprises, is on the team as well.

We’re hardcore burger hounds so we’ll definitely be trying Stack Burger before it’s all said and done and will also keep you posted on the federal lawsuit that’s shaking out in the courts right now.

Yassine Enterprises will be sweetly reminiscing about fighting off charges of not paying their workers compared to what went down in Austin Texas this morning Thursday March 22nd 2012.

The FBI, IRS and TABC came down hard and heavy storming the offices of the company and hauling out boxes from the structure.
No word on whether the raid is related to the ongoing wage dispute case.

But, numerous indictments were unsealed with several people reportedly affiliated with Yassine Enterprises being charged.

Charges ranged from money laundering to conspiracy to distribute cocaine to firearms violations.

Should these charges prove to be true where will Austin get it’s flaming Dr Pepper shots now?

We’ll be updating this story as events unfold this afternoon.

Hey everybody. Here’s the hotlink to our, updated-daily-dedicated post [s] to this entire sordid affair http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/3/27/BREAKING-NEWS-Mike-Yassine-Of-Yassine-Enterprises-In-Austin-Texas-Nightclub-Scandal?adminview=true

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