Wow. Looking over the site metrics for the past 7 days almost makes me wish SXSW really would go year round. It’s been threatened in the past by Black, Swenson and company when they were pining for new [er] vacation homes or wanted to upgrade the upholstery in their private jets.

Double the site traffic this week.

Thank you to all the extra visitors. Feel free to stick around to keep an eye on Austin’s ever expanding food scene from the comforts of your homes in Biloxi, Grand Rapids and Marietta.

Without further ado. The most popular articles from the past 7 days.

1] The secret’s out on the best brick and mortar Mexican restaurant in Austin

2] Another sad obituary

3] We travel to New Orleans with frightening regularity

4] Why are all these local cafes using corporate coffee purveyors?

5] This site began its life as a recipe blog. Here’s how we treat wild boar hog

Thanks for checking out the site y’all

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