Stumptown Coffee Roasters is now being served in Austin and shops serving the corporate brew are trumpeting their affiliation.

Partial list:

1] Juan Pelota Cafe

2] Elizabeth Street Cafe

3] Hillside Farmacy I’ll be updating this periodically. I’m trying to balance the current movement of local restaurants serving local produce, local meat and investing money locally by supporting local vendors with the bringing in of coffee from TSG Consumer Partners.

Anyone with input on this?

Austin has 2 nationally prominent roasters; Cuvee in nearby Spicewood, and Anderson’s in Central Austin so it’s baffling that local cafes would go out of their way to ignore a top flight local producer in favor of one from 1000s of miles away.

From Willamette Weekly out of Oregon “TSG’s portfolio has previously included Spic and Span cleaners, Compound W wart-removal products, Famous Amos cookies and La Victoria Mexican foods. Buyers of TSG-held companies have included ConAgra, Hershey’s, 3M and L’Oreal.”

Yep, that’s got Austin written all over it. Maybe Austin in 2012, depressingly enough.

Great article about Stumptown

another good piece.

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