Staring down the barrel of nearly 3 weeks without a bite of Mexican food to sustain me I had to have one final meal of tacos and it had to be of the highest possible caliber.

I knew that my time in the Balkans, Asia Minor and Northern Europe would be well spent on my global pursuit of the best barbecue but I also knew I wouldn’t have access to my beloved tacos during the excursion.

Where to go in Austin for one final Mexican meal? La Fruta Feliz on Manor Road in East Austin is putting out the best taqueria food in town right now.

La Fruta Feliz in Austin, Texas

Ask for totopos the moment you sit down. Even before you place your drink order. They will take handmade corn tortillas, slice them up, deep fry them, then garnish them with lard-y refried pinto beans and yellow cheese.

Douse liberally with either the red or green salsa and get down to business.

Every taco on the menu is good but the carnitas and chivo steal the show.

Wash it all down with a Sandia agua fresca. The best I’ve found in Austin.

Typical check here is 5-6 dollars.

(512) 961-5013

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