These are exciting times in the food world of Austin Texas. New restaurants are opening at a staggering pace, Texas barbecue has achieved its rightful prominence on the national stage and the food truck phenomena continues unabated.

1]Looking back over the last week the biggest story was easily broken by Marshall Cooper over at Texas Barbecue Posse. He spent an afternoon with John Lewis, pit boss at Franklin Barbecue and John Mueller, the Taylor Texas legend.

During the course of much smoking and revelry it came to pass that Mueller challenged John Lewis’ boss Aaron Franklin to a one on one barbecue cook off. We dutifully reported on the affair it vaulted into the upper echelon of page views almost overnight.

2] Serious Eats, the national website that always forgets to tie its shoelaces and ends up bloodied on the school ground, piped up from the infirmary with a list of SXSW recommendations. We issued a gentle correction

3] There’s good barbecue to be had in Milam County Texas

4] We wrote another article about how to make your own bacon as we prepare to tackle bacon stuffed sausages

5] And the Austin Chronicle gamely attempted to catch its readers up on the current world of Austin barbecue

thanks for checking out the site y’all

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