Over on the Texas Barbecue Posse website Marshall Cooper is reporting that firebrand pit boss John Mueller has challenged Aaron Franklin to a barbecue cook off to determine, once and for all, who the king of Austin, Texas smoked meat is.

Should be interesting. Cooper goes on, in an update to the original article, to report that Franklin has accepted the challenge.

Lion vs cub.

We’ve been documenting the rebirth of John Mueller since last year when he announced that he would be re-entering the world of Texas barbecue after a 5 year hiatus.

During his absence, the rise of Aaron Franklin, a former employee, has been ably documented with national media descending on central Texas with laurel wreaths in hand.

Could the wreath be tilted askew by John Mueller?

The showdown, if it happens, will reportedly be a benefit for an unnamed local charity.

If you think Radiohead or Springsteen tickets are dear in Austin you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Proceeds could go to build a retirement community for broke down old pit bosses out near Bastrop.

The W.B Brazil Golden Smoker House?

W.B Brazil was a legendary old Texas pit boss who famously said “I don’t dope nothing up” when he was asked if he used a wet mop on his meats while they were on the fire.

Feel free to start using that phrase as often as you’d like particularly as a non sequitur to absolutely anything that anyone says to you at any time.

It’s surprising that this challenge has not been met with a firestorm. Franklin’s supremacy has yet to be challenged although there are plenty local eaters who hold that it’s actually Mueller who’s putting out the best barbecue in Austin right now.

Imagine the hue and cry if Scott Morales challenged Wayne Mueller to a shoot out?

Ordinarily we’d be more than happy to weigh in but it’s been right at one year since we’ve eaten at Franklin.

Can’t carve out two hours in the middle of the day for lunch.

Looking forward to speaking with Busy Bee, East Austin’s most famous bookie, to see what kind of action he’s going to be handling if this confrontation ever comes to fruition.

Who’s putting out better barbecue right now: John Mueller or Aaron Franklin?

Defend your position.

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