One of the finest contributions of the Great State to the rest of the world is Frito Pie.

A snippet from my bio on the “creator” of Fritos; Charles Elmer Doolin:

The life of C.E Doolin, the man who brought Fritos into popular culture, is fascinating.

As a confectioner in San Antonio in the 1930s Mr. Doolin became obsessed with adding a corn product to the coterie of goodies he was already offering. It’s not known why Doolin developed this obsession but the prevalence of masa in San Antonio food culture may have played a role. More [along with recipe] I’ve been archiving photos for a big project the past couple days and discovered the above photo snapped at the state wrestling championship [not competing, just being a spectator] a couple years ago.

It set me to thinking about Frito Pie. While I love nothing better than making my own I don’t always have the 8-9 hours it takes to make a credible version.

Wondering where y’all go to get your Frito Pie in Austin?

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