The life of a Texas barbecue competition judge is a tough one. It’s expected, nay, demanded, that you eat several pounds of meat in one sitting, that you travel across vast prairies to reach the site of the event and that you do so in a good humor so as to add to the weal of the affair.

Then there’s the Bud Lite. When we judged the SPJST barbecue cook off up in Taylor last year, the judges were allowed to quaff at will from mighty tankards of Bud Lite. But we were not allowed to take the Bud Lite into the judge’s chambers.

There was nearly an insurrection that would’ve made the War of the Roses look like a dispute over a foul ball in a wiffle ball match among a group of 4 year olds.

Ultimately the sanctity of the tasting was maintained and the Bud Lite remained outside the heavily fortified judges quarters.

Another busy season on the barbecue circuit is approaching and we’ll be posting updates as we make our way around the state in our judging robes.

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