Many thanks.

We’ve been traveling up to Williamson and Milam County Texas for years to eat, drink, take pictures and breathe in a little fresh country air.

You’ll not meet a nicer group of people in the great state of Texas.

Then we hit a roadblock. Our most recent visit was a bit of a quagmire. We wrote an article titled “Dust-up In Milam County:RL Reeves Jr Eats At Barron’s Hamburger Haven In Thorndale. Avoids jail time” where we related a lunchtime visit to Barron’s Hamburger Haven. There, our normal course of duties [eat a meal, take a picture, outline an article] were met with a visit from the local police.

After publishing the piece somebody over on the Facebook put a link up and the article went viral.

That’s when the outpouring of support came in.

We received numerous emails from Thorndale residents apologizing for the behavior of the woman at Barron’s Hamburger Haven who dampened our good time in the city by calling law enforcement over photography of a restaurant.

We want to thank the good people of Milam County for the kind words. We’ll be heading back up that way soon to eat, drink, take pictures and write an article or two about the lovely community of Thorndale.

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