Getting excited about what’s coming to the little old building across from East End Wines that’s housed a variety of restaurants over the years.

Gene’s Po Boys was one of our very favorite cafes in Austin but after a 10 year run in our town, chef Gene decided to call it a day and move back to his beloved New Orleans.

J Kelly had a brief run in the building where he basically just ran the business into the ground taking Gene’s classic version of old standards and rendering them unrecognizable and unpalatable. So it’s with much interest that we await Hillside Farmacy.

Accounts have it that the new business is going to be a grocery store, deli, bar and restaurant. That’s a lot of territory to cover but something tells us the Eastside Showroom folks will be able to cover the ground with aplomb.

Our history with the glorious old building dates all the way back to the 90s when local legend, Flo had her little soul food joint in operation.

We loved that place and wept when she briefly moved over to Chestnut before retiring for good.

East 11th street is on fire with East End Wines, Three Little Pigs and Franklin barbecue acting as anchors for one of Austin’s hottest districts.

We can hardly wait to bust into Hillside Farmacy and have a go at what they’re bringing to the table.

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