Our main fear is that we won’t be able to get a table. We’re navigating downtown in the hopes that this gorgeous Winter afternoon will not find the masses descended upon Easy Tiger.


While the word is certainly out that David Norman is back in the game and putting out the best baked goods in Austin, the restaurant is actually pretty lightly attended when we first walk in the door. Foolish Austin eaters are seeking sustenance elsewhere on this glorious afternoon so we [almost] have the patio to ourselves.

We’ll save the narrative of the meal for later but suffice to say we mow through a mountain of bread, cheese, meat and beer like we are at a sidewalk cafe in San Sebastian, not perched on a pic-nic table on rough hewn Waller Creek.

Easy Tiger is selling Lagunitas Doppel Weizen on tap! At 9% abv you don’t want to drink more that a half dozen or so pints. We’re models of forbearance after all.

Pictured is a day one candid snapshot of Yvonne, whom we believe is a manager and Gracie who’s provided some top flight hospitality on our visits. Service in many Austin restaurants is often provided with a sneer but at Easy Tiger all of the front of house staff are as nice as they can be.

The only glaring fault we’ve found so far is the music. It’s abrasively loud and raucous. Parliament at full volume at 2am on a crowded dance floor makes for a great time but at 2pm on a sunny afternoon it’s an off note to an otherwise perfect session.

These next few months are going to be interesting as we watch the restaurant get its legs under it and develop its personality.

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