We never saw that one coming.

The boys over at Shaggybevo’s GM Steakhouse are ardent lovers of Franklin Barbecue. They post moment by moment, day by day updates of what’s happening in the Franklin dining room and they are elated with the quality of meat coming out of the Franklin smokehouse. Then there is “Bernard”. Here’s his review:

“About the BBQ…I eat a ton a BBQ at a ton of places. It’s part and parcel of having a motorcycle and enjoying the back roads of Texas. Franklin was good, but not outstanding in any way AT ALL. It just wasn’t. The brisket was very moist and tender but tasted way too salty. Great mouth feel, but the flavor basically sucked, because there wasn’t any other than salt. It would have been far better with no seasoning at all.

The links were edible. A notch or two above some Eckridge precooked crap I can by Kroger and heat up in my microwave.

The Shiner Bock was in a can. NOTHING says I’m trying WAY to hard to be cute than Shiner Bock in a can.

If this is your kind of place, then you clearly enjoy the sizzle more than the steak.”


Piling on is fixing to commence. Let’s hope this guy makes it out of Travis County alive.

Poster “Texassax” gets the party started with the following “I’m sure there are plenty of Bill Millers that will be more suited to your taste back in Houston or wherever the fuck you call home.”

We’ll be updating this thread as warranted.

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