A farewell can be be bittersweet. Our friends were relocating to New Zealand for a couple years so we decided to send them out in style by throwing a big food party in the backyard.

Pictured is the mise en place for one of my favorite dishes of all time: Red Beans and Rice. Since I was in heavy recovery mode after a Saturday night that featured some very poor decision making as to alcohol consumption, I had to break out the pressure cooker instead of slowly simmering the beans all day long. No matter. The art of pressure cooking being what it is, you can take 2lbs of dry, hard beans and within 75 minutes, duplicate what it would take 4 hours to accomplish on a standard gas range.

Here’s the template recipe I always use for red beans. I’ve always marveled over cooks who refuse to give out their recipes. Two cooks can hit the kitchen with identical recipes and the food won’t taste even close to identical. It’s the nature of a cook to put a little more of this or a little less of that in the cook pot.


Bon Apetit Y’all

all Scrumptiouschef recipes here http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Recipes

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