For only the third time in my eating history am I so moved by the high level of cooking I’ve just eaten that I feel the need to inquire as to the marital status of the chef.

First time was at Wrights Cafeteria in Knoxville, Tennessee where I ate a bowl of banana pudding so profoundly delicious that I knew I could have a very good life with the lady who’d authored it. The second time was when I first sampled the cuisine of Yolanda Sanchez, the bewitchingly talented lady who’s responsible for the food at El Taco Rico.

The third time was today when I had a flour tortilla that left me dumbstruck. In awe of what I’d just eaten I double checked with the counter girl as to taquera Rosie’s marital status [too late boys, she’s on lockdown aka married].

That’s neither here nor there as the food coming out of the tiny, open kitchen is outrageously good.

A migas taco is actually a migas tostada at this restaurant. A mountain of perfectly scrambled eggs covered in molten cheese straddle a deep fried corn tortilla to good effect.

A bean and cheese taco, at a $1.50, is the bargain of the menu as it’s enormous and could serve as a light meal unto itself. The flour tortilla is upper echelon, San Antonio level food. Handmade and cooked on the comal til nicely charred. It’s essentially a flour pillow showcasing the wizardry of taquera Rosie.

Weekend only special, barbacoa, is among the best I’ve had in Austin. It’s served with thimbles of cilantro, onion and pico de gallo. The luscious cow head meat is cooked til right at the melting level.

There are a variety of sauces to douse your food with. A dairy based chipotle, a green avocado,a roasted tomato and a very unusual peanut sauce that would not be out of place in an Indo-Pak restaurant.

Honestly, none of the salsas were very exciting but the tacos themselves were so good they didn’t even need sauce. It’s a rare day indeed when you can say that at an Austin taqueria.

I’m taking a mental inventory of University of Texas area taco sources and Taco Joint already wears the crown of best near campus. The potent combination of Rosie’s outrageous tortilla skills and the menu’s creative trek through the foods of Mexico will make this diminutive restaurant a heavy hitter with long lines in no time flat.

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