Taquero Frankie is putting out some very fine charcoal grilled chicken tacos from the El Pollo Rey food trailer located in the East Side Food Park on Cesar Chavez.

Walking up to the tiny trailer the smell of sizzling chicken flesh is intoxicating. These birds have not died in vain. We inquire as to whether the tortillas are homemade and receive the dread answer of “no”. Instead of pivoting and burning rubber out of the parking lot [instinct] we order up some tacos and seat ourselves at a comfortable table in front of the trailer. The food comes and it’s a sight. A huge mound of chicken straddles the tortilla with the obligatory toppings of cilantro and onion. A ramekin of red salsa comes on the plate and it’s a good one but special note must be made of the green as it’s the best we’ve had in Austin.

The best we’ve had in Austin.

It’s the emulsified, creamy salsa verde made popular at the various Pollo Carbon chicken stands flung about Austin. We’ve loved this style for years but this version is something special. Genuine chile heat is packed into the thick green sauce which gives the shredded bird added veracity.

Chicken is generally the last of the typical taco fillings we order when dining Mexican in Austin, but when you put the word pollo in the name of your restaurant we reckon this to be a wise path to walk down.

We’ll be working our way through the menu at El Pollo Rey over the coming months and report back.

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