Tipster button is heating up again. Thanks to the reader who clicked on our tipster button with the story of an attack at Mi Palacio Tex Mex restaurant on Manor Road near Rogge Lane.

This little neighborhood is famous for being one of the last open air drug and prostitution markets in Austin.

Love The Wire and hate that it got cancelled? Then head on over to this zone and you can relive the glory of one of the greatest tv series of all time. Apparently this past weekend a worker at Mi Palacio was relaxing with 2 ladies at the bar when a patron offered to buy the gals a drink. When they declined the patron allegedly pulled out a knife and went to stabbing the Mi Palacio employee.

The alleged victim fought back, repelled the attack and sent the assailant packing. When the law showed up they quickly tracked down the stabber and obtained a confession from the man.

Fernando Posado-Mireles is being held on $35,000 bond.

We ran by Mi Palacio today to grab some lunch and see if we could get some more details on the case but the restaurant was not open.

Hope to have more to report back soon.

Here’s a link to a news article we dug up with details of the event

and a photo of the perp,%20FERNANDO&dob=Apr-16-80&gender=Male&race=White&hash=82fa0ec9f7ae1

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