We ran up to Perez Barbecue in Bartlett Texas this weekend to get another chapter written in the book on Texas barbecue.

Armando Perez has been running this little roadside joint for 25 years in the fading town of 1500 or so people located an hour north of Austin.

We’ve been hearing about their homemade sausage links for awhile now and with good reason. They’re incredible. The all beef, house ground bull meat is flavored richly with sage and good fat. The links burst when you bite in, with the natural casing giving a very satisfying pop.

A fresh brisket, hot off the smoker was quite good as well but the star of the show at Perez Barbecue is the divine sausage.

Of interest to travelers is downtown Bartlett a minute or so north of Perez. It’s a semi ghost town with many crumbling fading buildings that would be fascinating to people who like period architecture. The broad avenue bisecting the town would have been grand in the town’s heyday lo those many years ago.

Please note that Perez Barbecue is only open on Saturday and Sunday. Call to make sure they haven’t run out of meat. They had a big crowd this weekend and one imagine, selling barbecue of this quality, they often run out 254-721-2001

Nice link for you http://www.williamson-county-historical-commission.org/Bartlett_Texas/bartlett_texas_est_1881.htm

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