Blown away.

A good pain Chocolate can do that to a body.

We’ve been waiting for a year or so for the debut of Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden so we awoke at dawn this morning for their opening day. Walking in the first thing that registers is that the space is gorgeous. You would never know you were in the old Empanada Parlor, it is literally unrecognizable.

The smell of the bakeshop is absolutely maddening. We predict the little skinny baristas here will be hitting Anthropologie in the next few months as they steadily outgrow their current wardrobe

With bread production in the hands of David Norman, one of the most talented bakers in Austin, we had a feeling our morning roll could take on a whole different tenor.

The pain chocolate consists of a million or so tissue-thin layers of impossibly delicate pastry suffused with butter and stuffed with chocolate.

The only thing that could have made it better would have been a glass of Cuvee coffee. The coffee at Easy Tiger is ok but it ain’t Cuvee. We’re spoiled for the good stuff here in Austin and with Spicewood housing one of the top roasters in the US we’re always a little mystified when a top flight operation doesn’t take advantage of amping up there coffee program so easily.

The patio is a straight rendition of a bier garten. Long wooden tables with plank seating on two different levels fill the space. A stiff wind was howling down Waller Creek with a vengeance. It actually grabbed my roll and picked it up and tossed it onto the adjacent table. I leaped after it like a scene from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

It was really peaceful til somebody fired up a single antique JBL loudspeaker with some high octane, roadhouse boogie. We predict the music and amplification will be fine tuned soon enough as the restaurant takes on its personality.

Big staff for opening day. Clearly the owners are predicting some large crowds as there was a multitude of workers waiting for the joint to fill up. Everybody was real nice and the Easy Tiger t shirts feature a sweet logo.

Wi Fi was strong as it should be in a town as wired as Austin. Would that all places were savvy enough to know that this is now a crucial feature of our restaurants and bars.

Looking forward to putting on a good 15-20 lbs in the next few months from repeated visits to Easy Tiger.

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