Smoked a giant, bone in ham recently and after feeding everybody we could get stopped for about a week we were still left with a giant ham hock bone with a couple pounds of meat clinging to it.

Time to get out the bean kettle.

While there are few things we enjoy more than slow, difficult recipes that challenge relentlessly and only offer a meal after a solid day of cooking and prep, sometimes simplicity is the order of the day in the scrumptious kitchen. As in our recipe for Northern Beans. More properly put, the recipe of RL Reeves Jr’s sainted grandmother, Nellie Sullivan.

Water, beans, salt and ham are the only things that go in this formula and truly, they are all you need.

That plus a bit of time to allow the process to play out on the stovetop.

Without further ado. One of the best recipes in our repertoire:

Kentucky Style Northern Beans With Ham Bone [ In honor of Nellie Sullivan ]

Bon Appetit y’all

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