We’re always on the lookout for scratch tortillas.

Sometimes that involves driving down Airport Boulevard, back through a light industrial/mixed residential neighborhood, alongside the railroad tracks and bearing off toward hwy 183 before finally coming out in the heart of the Govalle community. This is where Southwest Key’s national headquarters were built back in 2007 and it’s where one of Austin’s great, under the radar, Mexican cafes is located today.

We go here for tacos but word has it the menu is about to see a revamp and the little restaurant is set to branch out and start doing all sorts of exotic foods including Chinese [!].

The two cocineras,Maria and Alma are rolling out some of the best flour tortillas in Austin proper. They’re fluffy,perfectly cooked and provide a splendid wrap for meats like desebrada, chorizo and beef fajita.

A recent breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese tacos and cafe con leche [.75c] brought the morning in in high style.

We don’t make it by Cafe Del Sol too often but when we do we know we’ll be fed well and treated like family while enjoying some very high level Mexican cooking in an as under-the-radar location as one could ever hope to find.

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