Jake, Travis, Chuck, Rhonda and RL welcome Shawn aka Lix Lix to the team. Over on the Chowhound board we’ve been surreptitiously recruiting their top writers for awhile now.

While we would never poach a big buck when we’re in the field with our Smith and Wesson, we have no problem going for big game in the dead of night at the expense of the CBS corporation. Score.

Lix Lix is now on team scrump. While we’ve been manhandling Austin’s Tex Mex, Barbecue, Dive Bars and Soul Food we’ve been neglecting our town’s bountiful Asian restaurants.

Not anymore.

This is Lix Lix specialty. If there’s an obscure Vietnamese, Thai, Sichuan, Mongolian, Laotian, Cambodian, Japanese or Eurasian joint within 50 miles of Austin Lix has been there and eaten all the way through the menu.

We are delighted to have this crucial talent writing for our camp.

Welcome Lix Lix.

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