For $850 you can get the full VIP treatment at the debut of the Austin Food & Wine Festival April 27,28 and 29th at locations scattered about our fair city.

Haven’t made enough dough to join the raccoon coat, Duesenberg set? $250 will get you the commoners pass that’s good for partial entry to the affair. We do like that part of the proceeds go to the Austin Food & Wine Alliance. We’ll pass the mic their way: “As the designated beneficiary of the new Austin FOOD & WINE Festival, the AFWA will give back to the Central Texas culinary community through a vibrant grant program to fund projects focused on culinary innovation. Additionally, the Alliance will feature educational programming and culinary events showcasing Central Texas’ chef talent along with artisan and local producers, world-class wine and spirit makers and craft brewers.”

Let’s hope those duffel bags filled with cash make it into the right car trunks. Austin’s food scene is skyrocketing and some heavy money, carefully flung in the right direction could make a huge difference in our town.

Did we mention that Aaron Franklin will be vending beef at Austin Food & Wine Festival?

He will.

Along side normal, mortal chefs like Tim Love and Morimoto, young Aaron will be showing those grizzled veterans how a Texas pit boss conducts his affairs.

It would be amusing to go just to see Morimoto playing solitaire at a card table at his portable kitchen while a 1000 or so people stand in line for Franklin’s brisket.

We’ve got lots of innovative, mostly legal, food innovations we’d like to spring on Austin. Maybe the scrumptious crew can get in on some of that festival money.

Read Addie Broyles piece on the festival here.

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