It goes against our nature to be food news aggregators.

Anybody can sit around on their fat ass reading pr wires and putting up hot links to other people’s works. We prefer to provide, fresh, original content on the burgeoning Austin Texas food scene.

But the popularity of our Chowhoundjunior feature speaks to the love of this weekly article. Y’all go ape over it so we’ll keep doing it til the numbers tell us otherwise. Without further ado. Our weekly top 5 food topics we gleaned off the once mighty Austin Chowhound board.

1] Poster “chascates” laments the passing of Dublin Dr Pepper “I believe Dublin also made cane sugar versions of Big Red and NuGrape. I hope those will continue. National Dr. Pepper/Snapple claims they have a cane sugar version of Dr. Pepper but that may just be a dodge. King Corn wins again!”

We too hate what happened up in Dublin Texas. We wrote an obit for this beloved soft drink as we will never take another sip of the stuff. Page views skyrocketed

2] Poster “sqwertz” wants to know where to buy oak chunks. He’s a funny fellow “Tired of pecan/hickory (from HEB). BBQ Galore (Sunset Valley) only carries oak chips, no chunks. Don’t want to buy firewood from roadside dealer because there so many kinds of oak out there. City boy with tender hands and fancy manicure does not have saws to cut down larger [split] logs anyway ;-)”

We’ve noticed big bags of them at Fiesta mart right next to the mesquite and hickory. We’re in tight with so many backyard pit bosses in town all we have to do is pick up the phone and have a wheel barrow load brought over. Hopefully sqwertz has his ears on and gets this message.

3] Poster “pickypicky” put up a nice piece regarding Texas barbecue, a subject very dear to our hearts “THE ART OF EATING and TX Barbecue-Anybody read the recent cover story on central TX barbecue in the scholarly hard-copy-only mag The Art of Eating?”

“The author, Jordan McKay, bows deep to Franklin in Austin and offers a list of the usual suspects. As a Texan, I’m proud to see that our greatest resource gets fine coverage from a yankee rag. Beautiful photos. I’m exiled in San Diego, and the cover photo from Snow’s made me cry.” Thanks “pickypicky” we’ll have to dig that up and take a gander.

We write exhaustively about Texas Barbecue on two fronts. Here

and here

apparently there’s a good deal of interest for this sort of thing as site metrics indicate barbecue to be near the top of our weekly analysis. Thanks y’all.

4]Poster “scrumptiouschef” started a thread called Hard Hat Report wherein the board discusses new restaurants that have recently opened or are in the stages of preparing to open.

Poster “Royale” is curious about what’s going on in the Louie’s 106 building on 6th st. We’ll query some of our downtown sources and see what’s up. In the meantime we cover all restaurant openings via our Birth Notice site feature

5] Poster “Lucky_Skunk” is looking for breakfast tacos in far south Austin. “Hounds, what would you folks rec. for good breakfast tacos south of Ben White? I moved to the the area of Slaughter & Manchaca recently, and I’m not really sure where good breakfast tacos are close by. I’ve been making the trek on the weekends to Taco Deli off Mopac & Spyglass, but I’m looking for something closer.”

We’ll pass the mic to Mick Vann, the Austin Chronicle’s sage. We recently penned a piece on Mi Ranchito, a southeast Austin taqueria that has incredible breakfast tacos. Vann hit us up in the comments section with his rec

That’s all folks. Once a week we take a quick look see at the Austin Chowhound site to see if there’s any life in the old gal.

The obituary we penned on the Austin Chowhound board

If you have the time please sign up over that way and start posting. The ol gal is wheezing and gasping something fierce.

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