We strive to bring our readers the best coverage of Austin’s exploding food scene. We spent a couple hours this morning prowling Travis County looking for interesting photos as we continue to build our vast Austin Daily Photo archive.


Mere blocks from the scrumptious house we spotted a shiny new food trailer anchored down on the former Franklin Barbecue lot at the corner of Concordia and I-35. We’ve long wondered why this beyond prime location’s fields have lain fallow for the past year. Aaron Franklin pulled up stumps right at one year ago and the food mecca that is French Place has been the worse for it.

We know little of Nomad Dosa, they’re on the Twitter but have yet to speak and there is scant information on them on the web, but we’re still excited.

No it won’t be a world class barbecue house like Franklin’s old joint but we have a deep love for the dosa as we grew up supping weekly at the table of some very fine Indian cooks; the Parulekar family in our ancestral grounds of Appalachia.

Welcome to French Place Nomad Dosa. We look forward to eating at your table.

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