We love Epoch Coffee. They have a great crew of baristas, rock steady wi fi, an interesting assortment of characters parading in and out, good snacks, strong coffee, cheap prices….the list goes on. This is a damn fine coffee shop. Open 24/7/365 this business is here to serve the people. While the old days when you could walk in and grab a prime seat pretty easily are long gone [it’s hugely popular nowadays] you can usually wiggle into an empty chair and have a pretty good hang.

While the “sea of laptops” syndrome is in effect, there are people who are here to have conversations with strangers. A recent visit found several loquacious, amped up hanger outers eager to talk about the events of the day.

Odd that this now notable in Austin but it is.

One of the Epoch guys branched out and opened up Bennu over here on the East side of Austin. We’ll run by there in the next couple days and issue a report.

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