Yes, Kerbey Lane has spread its wings over the years and opened other locations but this is the location where it all began way back in 1980.

Love em or hate em, they were doing locally sourced, seasonal food when a lot of Austin’s young chefs du jour were still in diapers.

Yes, the food is wildly inconsistent as the kitchen can be a bit of a revolving door, but if you catch the right cook on the right night you can get a satisfying meal.

We stick with the breakfast foods as they have a tendency to have a lower failure rate. The scene at 3 am can be quite entertaining as this is where the drunkards come to sober up over bowls of queso and/or oatmeal before they attempt to navigate their way home.

Our visits are rare these days but there’s something about walking into the old house on Kerbey Lane that brings on a warm glow. Probably just a curious mix of nostalgia and wool gathering but one we still enjoy indulging in a couple times a year.

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