By now most savvy Austin area eaters know the tale of Real New Orleans Style Restaurant and how it came to be in Marble Falls Texas.

A church from the New Orleans area was devastated by Hurricane Katrina back in summer 2005 so the congregation fled for safer turf in Texas. They landed in East Texas then bounced around a bit before settling into the hill country near Marble Falls. Being entrepreneurial they decided to enter the restaurant business and way back in summer of 2006 they did just that opening up a cafe in Round Mountain Texas [near Marble Falls] called Real New Orleans Style Restaurant.

We’re always looking for genuine New Orleans style cuisine so we were really excited to roll out to Burnet County to see how this restaurant would compare to the yard long list of restaurants that we enjoy visiting when we visit the Crescent City.


The food is ok but unlikely to stir visions of a feast from Mandina’s or Rocky and Carlos.

Here’s our full review

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