Sometimes the news hits like a ton.

We’ve known that Live Oak Brewing Company has had long range plans on expansion for some time. They purchased a large piece of property near the Austin Bergstrom International Airport some time ago for a new facility and we’re waiting for the day when they move in so we can keep bottles of Live Oak Pilz in the fridge at all times.

But there’s a larger question.

Whither goest Steve Anderson, current head brewer at Live Oak Brewing?

The man is a legend in Austin and we hate to see one of the founding fathers of craft beer in Central Texas walk away from the game at the height of his career.

Perhaps the new facility will be so large and highly productive that an additional brewer will be needed?

We don’t know.

For now, if you’re a hot shot local brewer, you may be interested in applying for this position.

For our money we’d love to see Todd Henry over at Lovejoys get the call up to the big leagues. His beer is superb. We’ve predicted big things for this young brewer for years and now could be the time for him to step into the spotlight and produce on the big stage.

We’ll be updating this as the evening progresses.

Update: Steve Anderson is moving to Alpine to be the head brewer at Big Bend Brewing.

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