Toiling away quietly in the obscurity of a gas station in southeast Austin, Mi Ranchito continues to quietly put out some of the finest taqueria food in town.

Perhaps most notably, they’re doing it without making their tortillas from scratch which ordinarily would disqualify them from being part of this conversation. But the care they take with everything else exhibits such a strong level of aptitude in the kitchen that we find ourselves visiting repeatedly in spite of the little cafe’s far flung provenance.

We go here for chorizo, made in house, served with rich refried beans and elevated by one of 10 house salsas. The little kitchen also puts out very good carnitas and some of the better breakfast tacos in Austin. We’re still not sure what they put in their bacon but it tastes elementally of pig.

Gorditas are gargantuan. One could easily make a snack for two eaters or a day ending meal for one. We’ve noticed many of the hombres taking their lunch along side us favor the hamburger platter but we’ve never managed to deviate from the Mexican menu.

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