Dark day in the history of the great state of Texas.

Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company is no more.

It’s being reborn under a new name; Dublin Bottling Works Inc. and will no longer be manufacturing its signature drink; Dublin Dr Pepper with pure cane sugar. We were all over this story back in 2011 when we wrote an editorial titled “Dear Snapple: Please Come To Dublin, Texas For Your Dry Gulching. Snapple Auto-Sues Dublin Dr. Pepper”

It must have hit a nerve as view counts went through the roof. Something about having our right to do flaming Dublin Dr. Pepper shots at Treasure Island without Snapple sticking their nose in it must have really resonated with y’all.

Partial fall out from this fiasco is that 14 hard working Texans at Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company are out of their jobs.

Nice work Snapple.

Good news: Dublin Bottling Works Inc. will continue to make other delicious sodas like NuGrape, SunCrest and Triple XXX Root Beer all powered by delicious, pure cane sugar.

Bad news: Snapple will now be producing sugar-powered Dr Pepper. They claim they will be utilizing cane but how much time will pass before they’re using blended beet sugar?.

The difference is exponential. We love beets but their sugar is in no way comparable to that of cane.

Let’s pass the mic to Dublin Bottling Works vice president Jeff Kloster who had this to say “”We want to thank our many customers for their support of our family-owned business during the past 120 years, and we want them to know that Dr Pepper is still a big part of Dublin,we hope customers will continue to visit our town, the W.P. Kloster Museum and Old Doc’s Soda Shop, where they can still enjoy Dr Pepper sweetened with cane sugar.”

It’s looking like the lawsuit filed by Snapple as well as the countersuit filed by Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company will now be dismissed.

Long story short. The meganaut that is Snapple has won. Goliath has crushed David and we have drunk our last Dr Pepper.

Where in Austin can we get a cold glass of Mr. Pibb?

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