Fatty brisket and house cut fries [the best in the Austin area ] are what compel us to repeatedly drive down to Manchaca to eat at Railroad Barbecue.

Established in 1982 this old beat up barbecue house will always have a special place in our heart.

It’s one of the few smokehouses we’ve ever been to that is able to use mesquite wood properly. It must be some very old stock that they’re working through as the signature creosote-esque unpleasantness is simply not present. On Friday nights Railroad Barbecue has a catfish fry that is legendary in those parts. We’ve only visited a couple times for the fry down as all you can eat deals almost always end poorly for us. We’re natural born gluttons and limitless amounts of food offer an invitation to walk on the dark side of our nature.

Too much fried catfish and we’ll be shopping for new Dickeys at Fiesta before Springtime.

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