Tipster button is heating up. Thanks for helping get the word out on late breaking Austin Texas restaurant news y’all.

After a reader lit up our tipster contact button with the sad news we just visited the Open Table website and read the following cryptic message “This Restaurant Is Currently Unavailable”.

We interpret that to mean that this restaurant is closed.

We never made it by but a quick perusal of some restaurant review sites indicates that this was a good northern option for diners living on the edges of Austin.

The pack of dingo dogs that restlessly circle the corral of Yelp managed to mash their paws on their keyboards hard enough to give Technique 4 stars.

Nice work fellas.

Mixed reports on Austin Chowhound with most reviews wearing some serious cobwebs as is the custom over that way.

We expect Randall Stockton to announce the opening of Rio Rita North in the old Technique room some time before the end of the week.

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