Off the charts.

When we were removed from the Austin Chowhound board by a top-ranking official at CBS corporation who’d deemed us a threat to the corporation’s weal, we immediately began looking across the Austin Texas food media scene to find sustenance.

Score. We stumbled upon, a local website forum that covers a broad range of topics [it’s sports-y] but has a food, sub-forum called GM Steakhouse that is incredibly informative and entertaining.

You might say it slams and goes hard.

We love the passion of the posters over that way.

We love the foul mouthed reviewers who aren’t afraid to tear into Austin’s sacred cows who’ve been revered for decades. They’re also not afraid to rip into each other with liberal use of phrases like fucktard, asswipe and what have you.

We love that whoever owns the board lets the posters police themselves. As near as we can tell there are no censors or if there are, they have a very gentle hand when it comes to moderation.

If you have tender ears or belong to the pc police you may as well content yourself with that pioneer woman blog and not bother perusing the Shaggy board

Shaggybevo is a great resource for Austin eaters.

Want to know how many people are in line at John Mueller’s barbecue joint? These guys love John Mueller and regularly post photos live from the courtyard at his barbecue trailer down on South First street. John Mueller himself posts almost everyday on the forum. Catch him in a bad mood and he’ll start brawling with another poster. Some things never change.

Want to know the quality of today’s meat from Franklin Barbecue? It’s a rare day that somebody over at Shaggybevo isn’t posting live pics and reviews from Aaron Franklin’s dining room.

Like drinking Austin made beer? The Shaggy guys are major beerhounds. Apparently when they’re not eating barbecue they’re riding all over Austin looking for new beers from local brewers then posting reviews. The brewer from Austin Beer Works posts over on the board too. It’s good to see this level of engagement.

A lot of the men on the board are big home cooks. They write and post photos about their adventures with their backyard smokers, cast iron pans, dutch ovens and fancy infra red cookers. I’ve gotten a lot of good meal ideas from these ardent home cooks.

Grocery store specials. Shaggy’s a good resource as many times when an Austin grocer puts out a crazy deal on brisket or pork shoulder or beer one of the Shaggy guys will put the info up live from the supermarket.

Mexican and Tex Mex. Another hot topic on Shaggybevo. These guys know and love their tacos. Sure there are a few who think Torchy’s is the zenith of Mexican food but you’ll find plenty reviews for food carts and Mexican cafes tucked away in little pockets all over Austin.

Travel: The Shaggy crew are a well traveled lot with stories of adventures abroad in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Krakow, Budapest and a host of other international cities. Next time we venture overseas we’ll be using the Shaggy board as a resource.

God help the restaurant owner or manager who trumpets their own place under an assumed name. The board ripped into a first time poster who loved Stiles Switch Barbecue so much the Shaggy gang reckoned it had to be somebody trying to pull a fast one. He got flamed out.

One particularly engrossing thread is called “ask a health inspector” wherein a restaurant inspector fields volleys of queries from the board. They cover a lot of territory [ which types of restaurants are the nastiest for example ] and the topic yields a lot of interesting information.

With the Death Of The Austin Chowhound board being well documented it’s good to see a local food board thriving with hundreds of posters covering the Austin food scene and beyond with such passion.

If you’re looking for a good resource for Texas barbecue, soul food, Tex Mex, fine dining, fried chicken, craft beer and hundreds of other topics then we recommend visiting their site.

you’ll be glad you did.

Texas barbecue coverage here.

and more here

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