With night time temperatures dipping down into the 50’s it’s looking like the brutal Austin winter is now upon us. Which means it’s time to make a kettle of chili.

We actually make it year round as it is one of our favorite foods of all time.

With an extensive repertoire of chilis in our arsenal we often have to take the sofa for a spin while we meditate on which chili needs to be implemented on which particular day.

Today, as we put pad to pen, we have a big kettle of pinto beans simmering on the stove top and they are aromatizing the house to good effect. Yesterday at Fiesta Mart we gathered up some chile seca [arbol and guajillo] a pork shoulder, some giant green onions, a big can of ripe plum tomatoes and some pig feet for stock. Yesterday we smoked our shoulder and pig feet and let the stock simmer all night long. Woke up starving as the house was perfumed with the smell of smoky pig meat. Here is our recipe for Mexican Pinto Bean Chili With Smoked Pork And Green Onions


4 quarts Stock, Pork, recipe

2 lbs Beans, Pintos (Camellia is our favorite brand)

2 lbs Pork Shoulder, smoked, chopped

10 each Chiles, Guajillo, seca

10 each Chiles, Arbol, seca

1 each 26 oz Can Tomatoes, Whole, Peeled, Pureed in blender

2 bunches Onion, Green, Giant, chopped

2. T. Cumin, ground


* Add two pounds pinto beans to four quarts of pork stock

* Bring to boil

* Cook at boil for two hours

* Reduce to simmer

* Add tomatoes and chiles which you’ve rehydrated

* Fry green onions in fat pat of butter with cumin sprinkled over

* Add to kettle

* Add pork shoulder

* Simmer one hour more or til beans are tender

* Adjust flavors with salt and pepper

Voila! You just made a big batch of divine Mexican chili. Garnishes might include a squeeze of lime juice, a grating of dried Mexican cheese or a generous spoon of aged Crema.

Get fancy and use this as a topping for Frito Pie

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