Leafing through a neglected inbox after 3 days of intense barbecue research in Lubbock Texas we stumbled upon the following press release from Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI).

This year’s winner, Larry Walton, who defeated 305 of the USA’s top chili cooks has revealed his championship recipe as well as his 5 signature tips for would be chili cook off entrants. Good advice from Mr. Walton here:

1. Chili Powder – Using the right chili powder in your chili recipe makes all the difference in the world in the chili flavor profile. My #1 suggestion for chili powder would be to use Mexene. Its well-rounded and balanced chili flavor profile will insure you have a winning recipe.

2. Meat – The next step in making a great chili is, of course, meat. Premium quality ground beef, with a little fat, is a great addition to making a great chili.

3. Browning – Once you have your pan or skillet nice and hot, the key is to make sure you have browned your meat properly. The meat should turn a nice light, golden-brown color in the pan.

4. Spices – In making a great chili, the spices are a main ingredient for bringing out all the flavors. It is best to use spices or powders in making a great chili. Powders are more pungent, which allows the chili to be fully rounded with flavor.

5. Secret Ingredient/Booster – Adding your secret ingredient or booster to your chili right at the end is a great way to wow the official judges or just your family and friends with your wonderful chili, whether using a smoked paprika, chili powder, cocoa, a few dashes of Louisiana Hot Sauce, or whatever you desire.

We do ours a mite different but have no doubt that this is some sound advice.

Also. Want to make a genuine Texas Red? Here are the rules

and a genuine recipe

then there was the time a food writer, not from Texas, tackled Texas Chili….didn’t go so well

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