We got word that there was an itinerant Hungarian Goulash cook hawking bowls out of a trailer over here on the east side of Austin so we moseyed down towards Cesar Chavez to see if we could spot him.

The idea of man serving the soups of middle Europe out of a trailer was intriguing but alas he was not to be found. This is when we stumbled upon Yoko Ono Miyaki, a little Japanese pancake cart tucked away in the East Side Food Park, a collection of food trailers selling barbecue, grilled chicken, coffee and now-Japanese pancakes.

We had our hearts set on some good brick red goulash, the kind you might find here [ http://chowpapi.com/wordpress/wordpress-2.8.6/wordpress/?p=444 ] so we demurred on the Japanese food for now.

We can’t round up any contact info on Yoko Ono Miyaki so we’ll print the address and phone number of the folks running the little food cart collective.

2209 E Cesar Chavez

Austin, TX 78702

(512) 919-6192


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