We’re getting a kick out of our “tipster” button site feature. We wanted to build in an easy contact method for folks to get ahold of us to let us know about restaurant openings, closing, dustups and anything else Austin eaters had on their mind that they wanted to share.

We received the following press release last month but are just now getting a chance to publish. Enjoy. ” AUSTIN, TX, December 11, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — El Pollo Rey started through the initiation of Felipe Rodriguez and Raul Quiroga who were long time friends from Lampazos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Both friends came to Austin and followed different paths. Felipe started in the construction industry and became a very successful superintendent with a very large and prosperous construction firm. Raul started his career in law enforcement when he join the Travis County Sheriff’s Office and became a Sergeant. The two amigos always talked about starting their own business together, but the time just wasn’t right. Finally Felipe retired from the construction industry and Raul is getting close to retirement from the Sheriff’s Office.

That’s how the idea of El Pollo Rey was born. The friends wanted food that reminded them of the flavors of home. The flavors they were craving along with so many people from that region, the northern part of Nuevo Leon. Foods with just the right amount of spices and sauces that would leave you wanting more.

What differentiates El Pollo Rey from other Mexican restaurants serving charcoal grilled chicken is its juiciness and spicy taste that can make anyone forget all other chicken they have ever tasted before. Time is spent preparing just the right cuts of chicken meat marinated with different flavorful spices producing moist and tender results.

As the two friends believe, why not share with the residents of East Austin and the folks the experience of wanting to drive a little further for great food!”

Congratulations to these two hard working gentleman for pursuing their dreams. We can’t wait to get down there and sample their chicken al carbon.

With McGuire Moorman Hospitality about to wade into the grilled chicken fray with the opening of at least one outfit on Lamar Blvd things are about to get very interesting in this burgeoning sub genre of Austin food.

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