The chicken is pretty good. I don’t think they’re brining for a full 24 hours, but there’s some flavor in the meat, and it’s fairly moist, but not as much as it could be. Good breading; it has the appearance of hand-dredge with its lack of consistency and is equal to the brunch offering at Olivia. The complaints about price are unfounded in light of the fact that Chef Holmes is sourcing locally and brining; it’s ~$18 for a 12-piece bucket of Popeye’s, and at $23, Lucy’s could almost be considered a value considering you get about 1 1/2 chickens.

Not terribly impressed by the apps we’ve had.

Fried deviled eggs are too cute by half – all fried, no egg.

Calf fries are fine, but unmemorable, except on the occasion that one escapes its breading (and at least one will), then it’s not forgettable enough.

The sides, too, are passable but not at all special. We’ve had collards and black-eyed peas, and both were less than we’d expect out of a Holmes’ establishment.

Lucy’s does a selection of different wood grilled oysters, and the version we had (the Texan, with chorizo and house-made ketchup) were delicious, but seemed a bit steep for a fried chicken joint at $13/half-dozen.

S’mores pie was way too dense (the chocolate ganache verged on requiring a knife to sever) making it too rich and impossible to finish, even when sharing.

Crowds have been lighter than I expected, and I’m sure the dearth of parking has an impact. Overall, I’m warm to the place, but not blown away.

NOTE FROM RL REEVES JR: The above article was written by Travis Willman, during the glory era of Chowhounds Austin board he was one of the top writers. Scrumptiouschef coaxed him out of retirement to mark the first ever user contribution to this website.

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