Update! Expect Franklin Barbecue-style lines at Yolanda’s little cart now that Anthony Bourdain has featured Austin’s best Mexican chef on his No Reservations tv show.

I’ll never forget the first time I met Yolanda Sanchez Cornejo. I’d been circling around the Montopolis neighborhood on a hot tip that a man was having bootleg fish frys out of the side yard of a bungalow down near the Colorado River.

Found him. For $5 you got a nice filet,some fried potatoes and a brown and serve roll, but I was still hungry.

That’s when I spotted El Taco Rico over on Vargas Road. As is my custom, whenever I see a taco trailer, I pulled in to sample the cuisine. And cuisine it was. Way back then I declared Yolanda’s trailer to be the finest Mexican restaurant in Austin.

Today I declare it to be the finest Mexican restaurant in Austin.

Because there simply is none finer.

A friend of mine who’s a total raging gourmand rolled into town for a few hours last week. I asked him what he was in the mood for and he said Mexican.

After our apps at La Fruta Feliz we drove down to El Taco Rico for the mains.

After we’d finished he sat there agog.

In a state of disbelief.

He just sat there mumbling and slowly shaking his head.

This is a man who’s traveled all over the US and Mexico and he was dumbfounded by the level of cookery put on by this lady.

That’s why I still maintain that Yolanda is cooking in and running the finest Mexican kitchen in Austin. You haven’t lived til you’ve had a potato and egg breakfast taco on the good chef’s scratch corn tortillas. Unreal.

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