When we heard that Chef James Holmes had taken over the old Nueva Onda building in South Austin and was going to turn it into Lucy’s Fried Chicken, we rode down south and took a photo that ended up being one of the most popular we took all year long. That piece is here http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/12/29/Scrumptiouschef-The-Most-Popular-Photos-We-Took-All-Year-Long. Months later Chef Holmes put up a sign for his new establishment that touched off a firestorm amongst folks who don’t like cheesecake and/or the pinup culture that’s always been popular hereabouts.

We’ve gotten mixed reports on the food at Lucy’s Fried Chicken. The common complaint is that it’s expensive but we do know Holmes to source locally using sustainable ingredients for his cuisine and that doesn’t come cheap.

We’re saving up for our first visit. Who’s been to Lucy’s? How was the food?

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