This is the 1000th article we’ve posted on the scrumptiouschef site. We thought long and hard about what the topic should be before putting pen to paper. Simply put, there is no subject more near and dear to the bosom of the scrumptious team than barbecue. Our year began with big news. Aaron Franklin was moving his insurgent barbecue trailer out of French Place and using it as a sort of decoration at his brand new brick and mortar restaurant down on 11th st. Our initial piece

An editor of Chow, the national food site sought our advice on where to go and what to do when in Austin. We mentioned Franklin as a good place to get started. Chow showed up with a video team

Randall Stockton of Beerland and Rio Rita announced plans to enter the Austin barbecue fray with his Live Oak outfit. We covered it

We took a look at Taylor Cafe, a barbecue joint up in Williamson county that’s been vending Bohunk sausage and brisket since the 1940s

Louie Mueller was hot on the heels of Vencil Mares opening Taylor Cafe. We’ve eaten there since the dawn of time.

Rounding out our Taylor Texas coverage we visited Davis Grocery. Unknown to most but by some estimates, the finest in Williamson County

Open since 1932, Black’s Barbecue down in Lockhart is among the finest in the nation. Video of their ancient owner/pit boss emeritus Edgar Black demonstrating his brisket technique

More video. This time Aaron Franklin demonstrating his brisket technique

Bon Appetit magazine came to town and declared Franklin Barbecue to be the finest in all the land. We offered an opposing view

CNN came to Texas and finally got it right. Their look at Giddings Meat Market

We were blown away by Davila’s, a 50 year old barbecue house in Seguin

One of the few female pit bosses in the state of Texas

USA Today came to town to cover the police bust at Sam’s barbecue. This was one of the biggest media dustups this town has ever seen

We told the tale of one of the most controversial pit bosses in the history of Texas barbecue

200 of the top pit bosses in the USA were invited to Bosque County for a shootout. We covered the affair

A Texas pit boss found himself on the business end of international protests after someone posted a photo on Facebook of a wall-hanging of a lynching at his barbecue joint

Big, big, big story. Lance Kirkpatrick, formerly of Louie Mueller Barbecue announced plans to enter the world of Austin barbecue with the Stiles Switch restaurant. The current pit boss of Louie Mueller went ballistic. We were there

Aaron Franklin stormed New York City. Can Broadway be far behind?–Barbecue-Main-Stage-In-New-York-City

Texas Monthly had their annual barbecue party here in Austin. We attended-sort of

Finally, while most of Austin thought Aaron Franklin was God it turns out he’s actually Jesus. Hilarity ensued

Thanks for checking out all our barbecue articles from this past year. We really appreciate it.

Why no John Mueller in a year in Texas barbecue article? He’s getting his own segment that we will have up later. And here it is, a vast array of articles on John Mueller

RL Reeves Jr

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