After a long run up, Adelbert’s Brewery has beer for purchase now available in Austin Texas. With the craft beer renaissance in full flower in central Texas you have to have a signature niche to get your product in the mouths of Austin drinkers and these guys have come up with a good one. They’re doing bottle conditioned, Belgian style ales, a form that’s been sorely lacking in our region until now.

Read their description of Scratchin Hippo, their first release.

Belgian-Style Biere de Garde Ale
Named to commemorate a night when the Naivasha House in Kenya was shaking so strongly Del thought it was an earthquake. It turned out to be a hippo from lake Naivasha scratching itself against the house. Scratchin’ Hippo is a complex malty beer low bitterness, with an earthy character approximately 6.8% ABV. Goes well with hearty rich foods like steak, roasts or beef stew.”

“Del” or Adelbert Hovey is the namesake of the company. He has passed on but shall not be forgotten as we predict the name Adelbert will be on the tongues of central Texas beer drinkers for some time.

The Scratchin Hippo, in 750 ml bottles, is now available at Sunrise Mini Mart and Whip In.

Hopefully Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden will carry this brew

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