We’ll be updating this later as information becomes more clear but Jester King has won at least a partial victory against TABC in their much discussed lawsuit.

This we do know. Jester King and Zax Pub emerged victorious in their claims that their freedom of speech was being violated by TABC’s arcane laws. This should lead to broader ability to accurately label lagers and ales without having to follow guidelines that were written by people who’d apparently never drank a beer. Only in Texas are the lines between lagers, ales and malt liquors drawn so inanely. This should soon change.

Other arguments in their lawsuit fell on deaf ears and we’ll note those failures later today.

Information is scant right now but today marks a new dawn in Texas beer as TABC is in retreat on several fronts. Can an abolition of this superfluous, outdated agency be far behind? The Sunset Advisory Commission will have the final say.

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