This whole Chowhoundjunior model is contributing greatly to the weal of this site. Whereas before we regularly answered queries on the Austin Chowhound board itself we saw little fruit from our postings.

Now, we answer the same queries posted on the board over that way with crucial hotlinks [forbidden on that site] and everybody benefits. Win win from where we sit.

Interestingly enough, last night we got hit up through our tipster button by a local eater who was thinking about signing up for Austin’s Chowhound board but had gotten frightened off via google search where our columns on the death of the board are apparently up near the top of the google rankings. Thanks Google, we’d hate to see an earnest food lover in Austin get mugged in an internet back alley by one of Cnet’s brutish censors.

Without further ado. Here’s the top 5 and as always, your comments are crucial to this feature.

1] Poster “ieathereforeiam” had this to say about Saigon Street, the new Vietnamese food trailer on Airport Blvd.

“A good reminder of what street food was originally meant to be: inexpensive, relatively simple and quick. I had three eggrolls, a pork banh mi and shrimp skewer for under $10.”

We’ve had bad luck finding Saigon Street open. Their hours are 11am -6pm. We’ve been by before service and after they’ve went home. We’re enthralled with banh mi and can’t wait to try their chow. Relevant

Who’s been to Saigon Street? How are those banh mi we keep hearing about?

2] Poster “Lotus7” is in need of top level Christmas cookies. We got that covered. Sugar Mama down in Bouldin Creek is our one stop sweet shop. We love the gal running the joint and all of her offerings are at the top of Austin’s pecking order. Relevant

Where do y’all go for your Christmas cookie fix?

3] Poster Lucky_Skunk brings up the subject of Lucy’s Fried Chicken on South Congress. It’s the new offering from Chef James Holmes of Olivia. We’re in savings mode right now as this is some high dollar southern comfort food. Definitely going to check it out once we get the funds allocated. Relevant

Who’s made it by Lucy’s Fried Chicken? How was the food?

4] Poster “slowcooked” made it by for the opening of Stiles Switch Barbecue up on North Lamar Blvd. He had this to say:

“Best: Brisket: I order the money cut every time – fatty crusty beef please! It could have used a touch more salt (and I think Rudy’s is too salty for my palate), but other than that it had a deep well developed crust and a nicely penetrant smoke ring. This stuff melted in my mouth and I think is well on par with the best this town has to offer up at Franklin’s and John’s place.” [ed note, by “John’s place” he probably means John Mueller.]

As Austin Texas barbecue readers know this is the new outfit from Lance Kirkpatrick of Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor Texas. We’re currently penning a feature on this new restaurant and will have it up later today.



Anybody make it by for the grand opening of Stiles Switch Barbecue yesterday?

5] Poster “beercoop” started an RIP thread to gather Austin Texas restaurant obituaries. There have been a staggering amount of these in the last few months. We’ve seen long running mainstays, new hotspots, mom n pops and corporations all fold up since last summer. We’re all over this topic in our category RIP: Rest In Peace. 38 obits so far

There you have it. A week of Austin Chowhound condensed into one easy 5 minute read. The thought of tackling an actual, active food board like Yelp or Shaggybevo would be far too daunting as there are hundreds and hundreds of posts and responses per week.

But, sad to say, you can knock a week of Austin Chowhound out in 15 minutes tops.

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